The Local 744 Union Hall is located at 1435 East 13th Street in downtown Cleveland at the corner of East 13th Street and Rockwell Avenue.  Hours of operation are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.    


Union Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month starting at 8:00 pm.


Union Dues effective February 1, 2023, will be $56.75 per month. 

For your convenience, monthly Union Dues may now be paid online with a three dollar ($3.00) per month service charge.
In accordance to the Constitution of the International Brotherhood, Monthly Union Dues are due on the first day of each month and shall be paid in advance.  If you fall two or more months in arrears, you are subject to a reinstatement fee of $400.00.


Drug testing is an important safety issue in our industry.  Drug abuse results in workplace accidents along with healthcare and workers’ compensation issues.

All boilermakers working within the referral system must maintain an up-to-date MOST yearly drug screening. Workers are also subject to random drug testing and some jobsites have a pre-employment testing of their own.

There are numerous sites that have pre-employment drug testing.  The pre-employment testing consists of nine-panel test.  Refusing to take the test or leaving the facility prior to testing is just as bad as a positive test result.  There are policies in place that may subject workers with positive tests to be banned from these facilities.  There are also some contractors who are beginning to require pre-employment drug testing.  

Each and every member of Local 744 must maintain a current MOST drug test and continue to remain drug-free at all times.  Members who fail a drug test are subject to suspension and removal from the Work Lists. 


The majority of work in the jurisdiction of Local 744 falls under the National Maintenance Agreement (NMA) and there is a provision for a floating holiday. The Building Trades Councils in our jurisdiction have the day after Thanksgiving as the floating holiday.

For jobs worked exclusively under the Great Lakes Articles of Agreement, the holidays are:  New Year’s Day, Decoration/Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday shall be observed as the holiday.  If the holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be observed as the holiday.


In accordance to the BDS and the Referral Rules, members must have a current M.O.S.T. drug screening and OSHA 10 certification. The OSHA 10 Five Hour Refresher Class can be taken on-line. You can monitor your eligibility for referral and Common Arc certifications on the BDS. Remember to keep your contact information up-to-date and, also, when laid-off work, you must call the Dispatcher or Business Manager in order to be placed on the Referral List.