Say NO to the Workplace Freedom Act !!

The assault on trade unions is about to hit Ohio big time.  The Associated Builders and Contractors, an ANTI-UNION group, and members of fringe “tea party” factions are pushing for their “right to work” campaign and are using the term WORKPLACE FREEDOM ACT .  They are seeking to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot to take away our rights and freedoms as workers. 

The WORKPLACE FREEDOM ACT  IS A LIE  and  will have a terrible impact on the working men and women of this great state:

  • Limiting collective bargaining rights, our right to have a voice in the workplace
  • Silencing whistleblowers, who help keep our workplaces safe
  • Lower wages and benefits, jeopardizing the families of thousands of Ohioans

Once again, the middle class will suffer at the hands of multinational corporations and special interest groups intent on higher profits on the backs of the workers.  These are some of the same groups who want to privatize Social Security and oppose minimum wage. 

It is time to communicate:

·     Talk to your fellow tradesmen/women, let them know you are  AGAINST the Workplace Freedom Act

·     Educate the younger union members, tell them they cannot take their membership for granted and make sure they understand how this will affect them

·     Contact your government representatives, along with Ohio Governor John Kasich, and let them know you are against this assault on workers and are a proud union member

Say NO to the Workplace Freedom Act !!

NO GOOD for Labor

NO GOOD for OHIO working families

NO GOOD for Boilermakers