The expansion of gas-fired plants for electricity is sacrificing our energy future with considerable costs to Ohio’s consumers, workers and businesses.  As this tough winter has shown, when the levels of natural gas consumption hit the roof and consumers and businesses alike are told to conserve in order to avoid rolling blackouts, it is time to re-think the elimination of coal as an energy alternative. The reliability of the electrical grid comes down to multiple sources of energy, including  coal.

We support the Senate bill 34 which would repeal the renewable energy mandate.  We also support the enactment of legislation to regulate the gas and electric industries. 

Please take some time to communicate with your state legislators about your support of the bill and push your federal representatives to expand support for clean coal and nuclear energy. 

Clean coal technology along with improvements in energy efficiency will go a long way in supplying Ohio’s energy in the years to come.

Attached is an informative and interesting article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, written by Attila Kilinc a Professor of Geochemistry at the University of Cincinnati.